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This taster course includes four videos of different types of classes:

- 2 for partner work 

- 1 for technique & drills

- 1 for followers solo training

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You'll start with two classes from our newcomer series

Once you enroll, the first two classes for you to experience are from our Starting From Scratch series, where we teach Brazilian Zouk from zero! In this course we cover a little bit of the dance's history, timing, the basics, and the first set of fundamentals in Brazilian Zouk.
Brazilian Zouk: Starting from Scratch w/ Gui & Julissa

Next try out the first class of our latest Technique & Drills course

This was our last Technique & Drills course of 2020. It includes a combination of our best drills and exercises for leaders and followers, including techniques related to Lateral, Soltinho, Turns, and Direction Changes.
Zouk Technique & Drills: Continuous Practice

For your last taster, check out a class of our popular Followers Solo Training course

You will get to watch the first class of the 8th cycle of our Followers Solo Training Courses. In this one, we focus on putting together all the techniques studied throughout the year. The curriculum of this course includes Turns, Linear Moves, Traveling Turns, and Lines.

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