Here is the schedule!

Starting November 15th, we'll offer special courses covering different topics that complement our regular curriculum.

Each course will have a different duration, so make sure to check the respective details.

Also, each class includes a 30-minute long practica until 9 pm.

Find below more information about each course:

We all love how fun Brazilian Zouk is and the exploration of the possibilities its basics have to offer. Each move is named based on a structure, but it can actually bring a family of options within that initial structure. The same fundamental can be used in ways that take more or less space, change directions or travel, opening up new sensations in the dance.

In this course with Alisson Sandi, Elena Rovito and Hermela Alemayehu, we’ll explore various options that some basics provide in terms of making your social dancing fun and interactive. We’ll squeeze even more possibilities from our old friends Lateral, Viradinha, Simple Turn, and the other basics. We’ll notice even more how versatile the fundamentals can be by bringing different feelings to them.


This course is open to anyone who has completed at least our Basics 1 course. It will be helpful also for more experienced dancers to find new possibilities to use and enjoy the basics.


This course is offered as an 8-week series, or the classes can be taken individually.

We'll meet Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm from November 15 - January 10, with a break on December 27.


$160 for the 8-week series

$25/class for drop-ins

Lambada is energetic, passionate, fun, aesthetically beautiful, and most importantly for our community, it is the ‘Parent’ of Brazilian Zouk. 

At District Zouk, we believe that it is essential to learn the fundamentals and history of what we teach. There are so many elements in Lambada that represent Brazilian zouk’s music and dance history, and exploring them helps expand our possibilities both in dancing Lambada and Brazilian zouk.

We believe that in the future most Brazilian Zouk dancers will also know Lambada, and will be able to change dance styles as the music changes in the socials. If you don’t know what we are talking about, you should definitely do this course!

In this course with Ashley Kent and Valentine Luu, we’ll explore and practice the fundamentals of lambada, including timing, basic steps, turns, soltinho, cruzado, traveling, wifi and chicote. You’ll be able to dance the most characteristic lambada movements and see how to adapt what you know from Brazilian zouk into lambada.


This series is open to anyone who has successfully completed at least our Brazilian Zouk Fundamentals 1 course or who is proficient in the basics up to that level, including simple turns, viradinha, bonus and soltinho.


This course is a 6-week series.

We'll meet Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm from November 15 - December 20.


$120 for the 6-week series

Brazilian Zouk is such an exciting dance that continuously evolves. Every year we're excited to bring you the latest and best ways to practice and make our social dancing even better. 

In this class, we will explore various topics that make your balance more consistent, your footwork more solid, your posture more graceful, and your moves more fluid and flowy. 

We will achieve this through a fun way that we offered back in 2019, by having part of the class separate (~45-60min) and then coming together in the second half (~30-45min) where we can put our ‘solo knowledge’ into partnerwork practice right away! Leaders will be with Alisson Sandi. Followers will be with Elena Rovito (November 16, 30, and December 7) or Tina Singh (November 23).

Topics include: Body Mechanics to help with Weight Transfers, Torsion, Balance, Turns, Undulations and Isolations, Connection and Elasticity, and other side topics. 

These techniques are underrated but highly appreciated when invisibly present in the yummiest of the dancers around. If you are looking into becoming more consistent, confident and exploring more ways you can improve your social dancing, you must join this course!


To take these classes, students should have completed our Basics 2 course or a higher level and be familiar with those fundamentals. 


This course is offered as a 4-week series, or the classes can be taken individually.

We'll meet Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm, starting November 15 - December 7.


$80 for the 4-week series

$25 per class for drop-ins

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