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Let’s dive into ‘how to play with the moves and musicality as a lead/follow’. Learn how to express yourself as an experienced/professional dancer!

You will be learning different ways to use Dynamics and Textures to give you yummy and exciting fluidity and funkiness in your social dancing. Leads and follows will also learn how to request or be available for these moments without breaking the flow. We will grow your expressions and make your body sing the song!


Join Alisson & Monica all the way from Melbourne, Australia to learn how they do it down under. There will be 7 live classes and 1 pre-recorded class. Classes will be structured with a mix of breakdowns for leads and follows, moments to follow along, feedback and A LOT of guided practice.

Each Unit’s class will include sequences to help you train and ingrain good habits to safely explore Musicality and Dynamics for social dancing. Through this training and experimentation you’ll be able to grow your social dancing to be more expressive and fluid, and find the best ways for your body to connect with music.


You do not need a partner for this class. You’ll be able to practice all of the concepts solo. However, if you have a partner, you can benefit from doing it together.


This class is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the dance, regardless of roles when dancing. The most comfortable and confident dancers are those who have learnt and experienced all sides of the dance, and here at District Zouk, we highly recommend every dancer learn them all!


This course is designed with your creativity in mind through sequences that we’ll practice with pre-selected songs. We’ll give you options and challenge you to express yourself how you feel in the music, instead of copying someone else. In this course, we’ll aim to find the dancer in you that can achieve that level of musicality that we all love to dance with and watch.

There are many ways to use textures to change how a movement feels or looks, acceleration and deceleration to play with speed, or timing and rhythm to express your musicality. We’re excited to share these concepts with you, and can’t wait to blow your mind with all the possibilities.


In order to get the most out of this course, we recommend you have at least 6 months of experience with Brazilian Zouk and are familiar with the fundamentals, such as:

  • Basics - in place, linear (Passso Básico) and side

  • Lateral

  • Simple Turn

  • Lunge

  • Traveling Turn

  • Cuddle

  • Yoyo

  • Bonus


Learn from one of the multiple Solo Training courses from Foundation Footwork, Fundamental Moves, Body Movement, and more!

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Each week will present a new challenge to spark your creativity in musicality and creativity for social dancing. Through each sequence we will explore different layers of dance, such as: timing, rhythm, texture of movements, variations of contact/connection, and others. 

Every challenge will present a new set of skills that will help stimulate your mind and find new ways. In this course, you will get an insider look at ways/tools which experienced dancers use for building their flow and creating magical moments.

There are many ways to use textures to change how a movement feels or looks, acceleration and deceleration to play with speed, or timing and rhythm to express your musicality. We’re excited to share these concepts with you, and can’t wait to blow your mind with all the possibilities.


  • 7 live classes and 1 pre-recorded

  • Stored content so videos can be accessed and reviewed later (up to 90 days for standalone purchases, or for the duration of your membership)

  • Opportunities to share practice videos and ask questions

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Senior Instructor Alisson Sandi

Alisson Sandi began his dance career at the age of 15 in São Paulo, Brazil, where he was born. Over the years he trained in Brazilian, Latin and International Ballroom dancing with Jaime Arôxa, Renata Peçanha, Alex de Carvalho, Rodrigo Delano, and others. In 2007, he joined the Juan Rando Dance Academy (JRDA) in Perth, Australia, and stayed in Australia through 2019 teaching in multiple cities and around the world. Alisson has held performances and workshops in over 41 countries, and holds titles including 2x Pro World Champion, 3x Australian Pro Champion, and Winner/Finalist of various BZDC All Stars/Champions Jack and Jill Comps. He is one of the the founders and the first choreographers of the International Zouk Flash Mob. He has also been an official judge for the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council since its first competition event. Alisson has a passion for teaching and is known for his attention to detail and effective instruction in dance techniques. Recently Alisson completed the 50-hour lambada certification course with Master Braz, and is looking forward to practicing and teaching more lambada and sharing it with the dancers and community here and in Washington, DC.

Guest Assistant Monica Weng

Monica Weng is the founder of Zouklove Dance School in Melbourne - Australia. She is a passionate Brazilian Zouk instructor, and enjoys helping others learn and grow and learn techniques required to take their dancing to the next level. Her training consists in years of learning closely with Alisson Sandi, also accumulated with many hours of training with Leonardo Neves, Becky Crystal, Arthur Santos, Layssa Liebscher, Jessica Lamdon, Ryel Zenzouk and many more others. She has grown her knowledge through different flavours of zouk to help her students dance with versatility.